Identify the moments best aligned to your brand’s identity

As concerns about online privacy grow and traditional audience targeting methods become obsolete, contextual targeting has become a privacy-friendly means of reaching your audience at the moment in which they are more likely to be receptive to your message. Loud Intelligence moves beyond the industry standard concept of brand suitability defining and identifying two unique elements to help your message get heard: Suitable Content and Suitable Context.

While Suitable Content aligns a brand’s values and message with the general theme of the content making it ideal to insert a pre-roll, Suitable Context goes further, identifying, through a semantic analysis of conversation as well as a review of sentiment and emotion, the contextual moments that are directly related to the brand’s product or service. It is within these contextual moments that Voi<3 is able to insert your mid-roll directly into the conversation.

With new audio content being produced and delivered daily, Loud Intelligence makes it possible for advertisers to consistently connect with listeners, speaking to them within the moments when they are more likely to view your brand positively


Identify the moments best aligned to your brand’s identity

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), Voi<3 analyzes audio content detecting theme, topic, relevant moments, and overall sentiment.


Capture listeners’ attention

By joining the conversation at the proper moment, you speak directly to your audience when they are in the right mind frame to listen.

Find new audiences

Increase your brand’s impact on new audiences by connecting your message to on-demand audio in a brand safe way.


Audio advertising data for advertisers:

70% of total global advertising media investment is in digital media.

21% of total global audio advertising investment is currently in digital audio ($7.5 billion - check this stat) with very aggressive growth predicted in the next few years reaching 35%-40%.

Global Audio Advertising investment is at $35 billion, which is 5% of total advertising spend.

30% of global digital audio advertising is in digital audio on demand (podcast) advertising ($2.2 billion).


We believe that context is king when it comes to audio ad placements. By finding ideal contextual moments within relevant digital audio, your ads will not interrupt the natural flow of the program since they will be related to the content itself.

In addition, users are more open to your message and favorable to your brand if your ad content aligns directly to the topics or themes of the audio they are consuming.

Simply get in touch with us to get started. We are a fully-managed service meaning we will work with you hand-in-hand, learning about your brand, message and your ideal audio content and audience.

We will then work to create a personalized media plan for you and connect you directly to the relevant publishers in order to implement your strategy.

Contact us at [email protected]

Yes, you can choose among the podcasts and publishers that are connected to the VOIC3 platform.

At the moment our technology works in the Spanish and LATAM markets, but we will be expanding internationally very soon. Please get in touch to learn more.

Once we have created a media plan that includes the ideal contextual moments to insert your ads, we will connect you directly to the publishers so that you can begin to implement your digital audio strategy.

At the moment we are a fully-managed service so we will work directly with you to create your ideal media plan.

We take brand safety very seriously and will work with you to avoid any content that involves competitors, controversial topics, or moments in which your brand may not be seen favorably.