Choose the perfect moment to join the conversation

Capture attention and ensure your message gets heard within the world of digital audio

Millions of people tune in to podcasts and audio channels on a daily basis to be entertained, keep informed, or to simply relax. Not only is digital audio simultaneously compatible with an on-the-go lifestyle allowing us to connect to the world while performing our daily activities, it is also quickly emerging as the preferred interface to the digital universe – a veritable Voice First revolution.

And brands must be ready to join the conversation.

But to truly be heard, a brand must find both suitable content and suitable contextual moments, which not only align with their values, but also relate directly to their marketing message. Seamlessly blending into the conversation creates a highly positive listening experience and enhances brand recognition among listeners.

Loud Intelligence provides cookieless, contextual technology allowing advertisers to connect to their audience through digital audio.






Audio Articles



Audio Articles

Find, Boost, and Deliver


Identify the relevant semantic touch points for your brand within the digital audio universe


Increase user attention by linking your message directly to related contextual audio moments


Activate your audio campaigns across a multitude of podcasts and platforms, extending your reach to an attentive audience

Leverage your inventory’s premium contextual moments that align to a brand’s message

Optimize your monetization

Improve your fill rate

Create value for your listeners


Increase the relevance of your audio ad campaigns through artificial intelligence

Identify content suitable to your brand

Increase attention

Find new audiences

Join the digital audio revolution and transform conversations into opportunities thanks to Loud Intelligence


Voi<3 is the technology platform developed by LOUD INTELLIGENCE that allows advertisers to find the perfect contextual moments within the ideal audio content to deliver their message.

In short, this is where your audience is.

We are witnessing a boom worldwide as people spend more time listening to digital audio. From live streaming to audio-on-demand, users are tuning in using laptops, mobile devices, and smart speakers to connect to both professional and amateur-produced content related to their interests.

We believe that context is king when it comes to audio ad placements. By finding ideal contextual moments within relevant digital audio, your ads will not interrupt the natural flow of the program since they will be related to the content itself.

In addition, users are more open to your message and favorable to your brand if your ad content aligns directly to the topics or themes of the audio they are consuming.

Voi<3 is a platform built on the power of A.I., allowing it to analyze thousands of audio podcasts and choose those moments that align best with your brand. This provides you the knowledge and insight of when and where to insert your advertising message in order to create the most powerful impact.