It all starts with the content

Maximize your monetization opportunities by contextually optimizing your audio-on-demand inventory.

On demand audio is increasingly becoming the go-to format for people who are looking to be entertained or keep informed. It allows each user to listen to content when and where it is most convenient for them, regardless of what else they may be doing. For publishers, this is a an opportunity to take part in a new advertising model and monetization strategy in which your inventory becomes a chance for both brands and users to interact through the personalization of communication.

Intelligent media planning - the next great opportunity

Enhance digital audio activation thanks to artificial intelligence:

More Moments: Increase relevant communication opportunities thanks to semantic analysis.

Increased Attention: Generate relevant consumer connections for brands, adapting advertising content.

Optimize your monetization

Improve your incremental RPM by creating new advertising spaces using strategic moments that are aligned with the attention of your users.


Improve your fill rate

Voi<3 allows you to associate the same digital audio content to various relevant advertising categories, detecting different moments to insert ads from different brands.

Create value for listeners

Generate more positive reactions to ads since they are naturally integrated into the contextual flow of the program.


Privacy & Cookieless

Growing concerns about user privacy are shaping the advertising technology industry by enforcing new protocols to offer more transparent and effective solutions.

In most markets today, more than 50% of users navigate content using devices and browsers that do not support or rely on cookies. In addition, the consistent and automatic elimination of cookies means that, on average, they last less than a week on the devices on which they were installed.

To address the new rules of privacy we must either establish consent between the user and the media or focus on contextually-oriented targeting reaching an anonymous audience thereby eliminating the need for cookies altogether.

Audio advertising data for publishers:

In the US and European markets 35-45% of Internet users are also podcast listeners.

There is a huge gap between the size of the digital audio audience and brands’ investment in digital audio advertising. In the US, for example, 66% of the population tunes in to digital audio, yet advertising investment is only 13% of the total media spend.


You have valuable content that provides thousands of hidden contextual moments that are ideal for many advertisers to promote their message. Voi<3 will help you find those moments and connect you directly to brands and agencies willing to pay to insert their audio ads at the right moment and at the right time.

Voi<3 helps you move beyond the traditional pre-roll and post-roll of the industry, allowing you to offer desirable contextual moments at premium CPMs to brands.

Voi<3 is a platform built on the power of A.I., allowing it to analyze thousands of audio podcasts and choose those moments that align best with your brand. This provides you the knowledge and insight of when and where to insert your advertising message in order to create the most powerful impact.

We believe that context is king when it comes to audio ad placements. By finding ideal contextual moments within relevant digital audio, your ads will not interrupt the natural flow of the program since they will be related to the content itself.

In addition, users are more open to your message and favorable to a brand if your ad content aligns directly to the topics or themes of the audio they are consuming.